Should schools sell fast food?

Should schools sell fast food?
My plain answer to this is: No.
And I believe you would agree with me after reading below why I chose: No.
Fast foods come in many varieties from countless places, but I don’t think schools should sell fast food. Schools shouldn’t sell fast food because it’s unhealthy. It usually makes people sick. Fast food is also very fattening, and has a lot of un-needed ingredients. Even though fast food can taste very good and be cheap, schools should sell food that help the student grow healthy. School food should have a menu of things that has a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The meals should help keep students positive and energetic throughout the day. Since children spend most of their weekdays at school, they need food supply at school which should be as good as they would eat at home. Fast food wouldn’t be great for their life in the long run. It would be a disaster for the child’s health and body if they eat fast food almost everyday while growing up.

Fast food has large amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, unhealthy fats, and sodium. Fast food is often high in calories but offer little or no nutritional values at all. If people eat too much fast food, they end up having diabetes or heart diseases. Too much fast food can give you headaches and shortness while breathing. Some researchers have shown that fast food also can make a child dumb if they eat it daily. Consuming a lot of fast food can lead to obesity, chronic illness, low-self esteem, and even depression. Fast food can also cause the students to be tired and lethargic

If schools sell fast food, there would be a lack of energy, that would cause the student to lose focus during the day, which will prevent the child to do a good job on their school work and study habits. People have discovered that eating fast food once a day will most likely cause the student to have slower growth in math, reading, and science skills than their acquaintances in school who didn’t eat fast food. Also, the school should be giving an example to the students on what is healthy to eat and what is not healthy. So it can be a habit of consuming good food, throughout their lives. A person should only eat fast food a few times. Eating good, healthy, nutritious meals since people were young, will often lead to a long, healthy life, because the person starts getting used to eating what’s good and what’s bad throughout their lives, it is very usual that they have a habit of eating the healthy food and will eat healthy meals like that for most of their lives.
If schools sell fast food, children will have a hard time controlling their food, because once they’ve experienced the taste that would develop into their tongue for more in the days or are to come.

Pennington Traditional School, Virginia

Grade 7th 


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